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Beautiful watercolor paintings

Advanced Watercolor Painting Lessons. Masterpieces here we come.

And Some Watercolor Painting Critiques To Give You An Idea How It's Done

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do." Edgar Degas
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Would You Like A Critique By A World Famous Artist?

Send in a digital image of one of your paintings.

Critiques by experts are the best way to grow. Experienced artists are always asking other artists for input. Some inexperienced artists worry that their effort will be demeaned. No good critic will ever do that. What's the point? I simply will not allow a bad crit on this site. We judges always look at the experience level of any work. We try to judge it based on where the student is right now, and what they tell us their intent was when they painted it. After all, the reason we do this is to help our student grow, nothing else.

Crit's are even more valuable to others that to the artist themselves. That's because there is only one themself, and so many others. I try to offer crit's whenever asked, and go to art association meetings whenever its "Crit night". There is always something to learn.

The Captain has invited some world famous artists and art teachers to participate in this program. Send in a digital image of one of your paintings. You can use the e-mail link below, and just attach the picture to it. Make your image a nice big one, Make it a good quality image, but don't fret the details. I will optimize it for the web. Before it's critiqued I will also boost the color and values so that it looks as good as it can.

If your picture is selected, it will have a page of its own. Your name (If you want it shown) will be featured. If you want your home town listed, we will do that too. It will be linked from most pages in this site. Thousands of other artists will see it. You will be famous. (No, you will not get a ride on the brush.)

Right now there are teachers waiting for images to be submitted. That means that this will happen very fast.

Send your name and email address, (addresses will never be made public). Tell me a little about your painting. If we need clarification, I might ask for a little more information . For now, a paragraph will do.

So get started.

Submit Your Painting Here

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Picture of watercolor Painted Apples This critique is done by

Catherine Stock

Roxanne Weber writes:

Thank you for the opportunity to have a piece of mine critiqued.......

Watercolorpainting  critique by Jennifer Branch This critique is done by

Jennifer Branch

Roger Blesi

The following painting is done on 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper..........

Watercolor picture of a house. This critique is done by

Ken Hosmer

Nancy Hanley writes:

 I have been painting for quite some time.........

Written Lessons


The Three Bears - A lesson on dominance as a core concept for composition of paintings.
If you want to understand composition, then  yopu need to undwerstand the 5 elements of design an how dominenence matters in  reach.

How To Develop A Personal Style
I have some empowering things to say on this subject. If you are seeking a personal style, you may find this very interesting.

It's All About Value - Lights against darks
Powerful painting with well defined centers of interest are generated using values. This is possibly my favorite lesson..

Youtube tips, tricks and techniques for painting with watercolors
Here are some things I know are true for me. They are rules that govern my paintings. They may not suit you, and that's OK.


Notes To My Students - By - Joe Bucci
Joe is a landscape painter who works in acrylics on canvas. These tips about painting apply to watercolor, and all painting media. I recommend a read.


Watercolor Lessons
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