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Loosen Up Your Style

Paint With Gusto


Want to loosen up? Loosening you style does not mean giving up realism. Check lout these videos to see what I man.


Inspired Watercolor

Alvaro Castagnet is one of of my favorite watercolor painters. His
painting style is "No Gust; No Glory". I think of his work as "Slash and Burn Watercolor." If you are trying to paint loosely, I recommend you have a look at these two videos.

This first video is not really a lesson at all, but rather a demonstration of skill and watercolor techniques. Its worth a viewing if only for the color advice. He believes, as do I, in the following quote from Frank Webb: "I doesn't matter what color you paint it, as long as you have the values right."   You should find it well worth the time.

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Watercolor lesson by Alvaro Castagnet in Cadaques

Do not miss this second video; It's a lesson he is giving to a workshop group.    I have been to quite a few of this type of workshop, and its pretty typical. People stand, some sit, and watch a painting being created. Usually the painting is done spontaneously, and under the pressure of teaching and painting at the same time. Not easy.   The paintings are often below the standard of the artist. Just the same, it's a great experience.

In this lesson he explains what he is doing and why. The points he makes are also some points I also try to teach, but his accent is way sexier..

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Demonstration - Sky and Sea

Joseph Chiang show us that skyscapes can be some of the most dramatic paintings. It takes courage to paint this way, but the results can be amazing.

A tip: When you are doing this kind of watercolor painting, it time to stop, the first time you wonder when its time to stop. Then let it dry, put it away. Do not look at it for at least a week. The reason: you will hate it initially. You are too involved in the process to judge, because everything looks like a failure.

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