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Watercolor paintings illustrating different watercolor ideas and different watercolor painting techniques
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Tips for Painting People Inside Landscapes


Andrew Wyeth / Lecture About Values

This is not a demonstration. Just views of some of Andrew Wyeth's paintings. Andrew Wyeth was certainly the most successful watercolor painter of the 20 century. His style has influenced many watercolorists, including me. His works always seem incredibly detailed, which, it fact, they are often, not. They seem colorful, yet they are very subtle colors, often almost all grays.

If ever there was a value painter, Andrew Wyeth is it

By the way, some important collectors consider him a master of color.

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Technique of Spattering Watercolor Paint and Masking Fluid

Birgit OConnor shows us an easy approach watercolor painting Splashing, spattering, brushing and pushing color around produces some very nice effects.

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Use Acetate Sheet to develop Watercolor Painting

Vivian Hershfield shows how to use acetate sheet to develop watercolor paintings.

Sometimes you find yourself stuck. Maybe you are unsure of what color to paint this next thing. If you don't like it, the painting may be ruined. No problem, The make clear plastic sheet. Its shiny on one side and matte on the other. You lay the sheet over your DRY painting, shinny side down Then just paint on the matte side of the acetate. The paint just wipes off and you can try all the revisions you want. One sheet of acetate is often a lifetime supply, because you use it over and over.

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An advaced Lesson: a different approach.

Elizabeth Tyler demonstrates a comples masking technique with wet in wet and wet in dry.

I really like this lesson.

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