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I Need Help

This has turned into a huge project.

It's definitely a labor of love, but it's very difficult. I need your help.

Everyone can participate. Lets build this School.

Please read through this page. There are probably several ways you can help. The internet looks like it's here to stay. If we all pull together we can create an art university for our grandchildren and beyond.

  • Donations
    Paint, paper, videotape, DVDs, external drives and some technical help when I need it means that this site is expensive to create and maintain. The cost of bandwidth on a video site is huge. The average video here is over 50 megabytes. Most web sites use that much in a month. Captainwatercolor delivers that every few minutes, and we are growing at about 15% per month. I want to try to keep this site free. If you have been helped by a lesson, please consider a small donation.
  • Order your art supplies from our affiliate. gets a commission on every order originated from this web site. My supplier is one of the really big online art supply stores. They have great prices, and ship quickly, ( Which is why they are may supplier in the first place ). You pay the same price whether you buy from them or through the Captain. We get the commission on everything you buy, even if i's not one of my recommended materials. Even if its ( U ghhh ) oil paint.
    Yes its true; I make spelling mistakes as well as some major lulus. Anything you can suggest to improve this site is important.
    If you have anything you would like me to teach you, please let me know. Input is the life blood of this project. I need to know what you want. That's the only way I can really meet your needs.
    Without students, this project is a failure. Talk this site up. There is a link on every lesson page to "email this page to a friend". Use it.
    Write up this site in your art association newsletter. if you are a member of any sort of art club/association, give us a boost.

If you are a member of any social site, or any forum; give us a mention.

  • Links from other web sites are incredibly important. Search engines use the number and quality of inbound links to determine which sites come up on top in their search results. Most people get here by searching. You may have a web site, or a friend with a web site. You may be a member of an art association with a web site, please get us links from wherever you can. The best quality links would use your own descriptive words for the link text and link to a lesson page instead of the home page.
    I will only accept advertisers from whom I would buy art supplies, please patronize them. Prices will be low, and you can be assured that the better brands they carry will be of excellent quality.
    Frequent references to on Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, or any blogs or boards you belong to can help, big-time. Posting links would help the most, but any PR is needed.
    There is so much you can do, and every bit of it will be an opportunity to promote your reputation, classes, books videos, etc. You can sign up to do critiques. You can make lessons, which I will host for free. If you make a video lesson, I will help by editing and optimizing it for the web, If you can make a text lesson, I will help with any image editing you need. All lessons will be linked to from the home page

Thank you for your help

The Captain


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