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To use this tester, cover the appropriate eye and look only at the circle, but be aware of the cross in your peripheral vision. Move the paper towards or way from you.  At a certain distance, usually 8-14 inches from your nose, the cross will disappear.


What is happening is that there is a fairly large blind spot on your retina. It's where all the light sensing nerves converge into the optic nerve.    Research has shown that the human brain simply fills in the blind spot with what it assumes is there, and that we are never  consciously aware that some part of our mind is making up facts based on what it "thinks" it should see.


I call this my “In touch with reality tester”.  That’s because we actually think we know a lot.  Like when its OK to make war, or if we can safely exceed the speed limit, or when and how to punish our children. Actually, we don’t even know that there is a hole in our vision.


If this doesn't’t make you stop and question EVERYTHING, then god help us all.


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