The easy way to paint a basket using watercolors.

Art lessons on Video; beginner through advanced tips and technique on how to paint with watercolor.
Part 1 - Painting the basket


This is a big lesson, so its split into two parts. In the first part we will draw a basket with tomatoes in and around it. Then we will mask out the tomatoes, and finally paint the basket.


You will learn how to supplement the sizing of the watercolor paper with gum arabic. That's to make the pain be easily lifted. We can then "erase" the watercolor paint anytime we want; even after it has dried. Then you will learn my very simple technique for "weaving" the basket."


Though this first part of the lesson takes about twenty minutes, once you know how, you can easily paint a basket like this very quickly. I paint this image small enough to fit on a "greeting card", in just a few minutes. That delights Mrs. Watercolor who gives them out pretty regularly.


Much of the "trick" is the choice of sedimentary colors, which I discuss. Non sedimentary pigments are much harder to lift.


This painting is mostly warm colors, the basket is a light brown, that is, dark yellow through dark orange. Even the paper has a slight mustard color cast to it. Only the shadow is cool, and that is definitely blue.

On To Part Two

Watercolor palette showing a warm and cool paint for each of the primary colors This is a map of the captains color palette.
See materials list below...

The map shows the location of each of the paints. The group on the left are the sedimentary colors. Those in the right are the non sedimentary colors. The palette is just a cut down ice cube tray

Burnt Sienna
0 - Red
Yellow Ochre
1 - Yellow
2 - Green
Cerulean Blue
3 - Blue
  ...( non sed. )
Phthalo Blue
4 - Cool Blue
Ultramarine Blue
5 - Warm Blue
Pyrrol Red
6 - Warm Red
Info Alizarin Crimson
( Quinacridone )

7 - Cool Red
Arylide Yellow FGL
8 - Warm Yellow
Arylide Yellow Deep
9 - Cool Yellow

140 Lb. Cold Pressed
140 Lb. Cold Pressed

The warmest color is orange

The coolest color is middle-blue

A warm red would be like a tomato (orangy)

A cool red Is like a strawbery (purpleish)

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