How To Use The Captain Watercolor Drawing Template.

Art lessons on Video; beginner through advanced tips and technique on how to paint with watercolor.


Its Easy To Transfer My drawing To your Paper. Templates come in two sizes.


Which Template Do I Want.

If you want to know the very good reasons ( you do ),
for those two sizes, take my "materials" lesson on WATERCOLOR PAPER.



Why Do I Want To Use A template

If you are uncomfortable painting any of my lessons because of limited drawing skills, please use my drawing skill. All of the paintings demonstrated on this site come with drawing templates to help you transfer my drawing to your paper.


This short, 4 minute video will show you how to make a beautiful painting with no drawing skills whatsoever.


If you are somewhat comfortable with drawing, its easy to personalize my drawing, to make it yours.


If my lines are not straight enough, or my angles are not square enough for you ( It;s OK if they are not ), just use a straightedge to clean them up.


How Do I Print The Template

Just below the double line there are 5 links/buttons. Fourth from the left says "Get The Drawing Template" or "The Coloring Book". Hold your mouse over it. More links should appear just to the right. The template you want should be among tem. Click it.


A new window should open with your template in it.  There should be a horizontal menu bar just above the picture of the template. The first icon on the left should be a printer. Click it and follow the print instructions; which probably include "Print".


The template is in a file made for Adobe Acrobat. Just about every computer comes with Acrobat. If you need it, you can download it at:

Copy the above line and paste it into the address bar of your browser. Adobe has the download button at the lower left on the page.



Watercolor palette showing a warm and cool paint for each of the primary colors This is a map of the captains color palette.
See materials list below...

The map shows the location of each of the paints. The group on the left are the sedimentary colors. Those in the right are the non sedimentary colors. The palette is just a cut down ice cube tray

Burnt Sienna
0 - Red
Yellow Ochre
1 - Yellow
2 - Green
Cerulean Blue
3 - Blue
  ...( non sed. )
Phthalo Blue
4 - Cool Blue
Ultramarine Blue
5 - Warm Blue
Pyrrol Red
6 - Warm Red
Info Alizarin Crimson
( Quinacridone )

7 - Cool Red
Arylide Yellow FGL
8 - Warm Yellow
Arylide Yellow Deep
9 - Cool Yellow

140 Lb. Cold Pressed
140 Lb. Cold Pressed

The warmest color is orange

The coolest color is middle-blue

A warm red would be like a tomato (orangy)

A cool red Is like a strawbery (purpleish)

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